Go See an Environmental Film

I went last night to the kickoff for the Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Festival (http://www.cottonwoodfilm.org/), where awards were given for some of the entrants in the festival this year. One comment given by award recipient Josh Berry (Writer and Producer: Keeping Coast) that stuck with me is that "film is activism". More and more films are being created that make available information about realities in our world that are often filtered out or not focused on by mainstream media.

I believe it is all of our duties to keep well-informed, so we can make this planet a better and better place to live, so my tip of the month is to Go see an Environmental Film.

So where do you go to see an environmental film?

One place is an environmental film festival. Here is a link to a listing of festivals in the United States: Environmental Film Festival List. It's missing The Cottonwood Creek festival, but I'll excuse them for now, unless they miss it next year again! You can also obviously do a google search. I've done the hard part for you, so all you have to do is click here: Environmental Film Festival Search :)

Another source of films, is to rent or buy them from an online source. One great source is Green Planet Films, where they have a very large selection of films.  More popular films can also be acquired at places like Amazon.com, and here is a link to a list of their Environmental Films.

You can also go to the website created for each of the films, and they might have clips or links for purchasing the film. Click here for a list of films being shown at the Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Festival.

Till next month, happy film-watching!

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