About Us

At Greenliness.com, we seek to support the growing momentum to do right by the planet. Ideally, that means we prioritize buying less "stuff.” But, if you’re really in need of something there are several options; including getting a used item, or something that was produced with recycled or up-cycled materials.

And, while you're at it, how about seeking out products that are petroleum-free, vegan, cruelty-free, hand-made, organic, and/or biodegradable; or that contain natural ingredients; or materials and products that sustain a vulnerable culture, or an area under threat. These are exactly the attributes we look for when selecting items to put up for sale. 

We value your feedback. Thank you for visiting today, and referring others. Please check back often as we routinely add new items.
Dave Peiser
Company Founder
Green"li*ness\, n. [From Greenly.]
Careful observance of, or conformity to, the laws of living a green life; the state or quality of being greenly; respect of Mother Earth.
Greenliness is rewarding and uplifting unto all things.