Mini Solar Car, the Smallest Solar Powered Car, Educational Solar Powered Toy

Mini Solar Car, the Smallest Solar Powered Car, Educational Solar Powered Toy

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The mini solar car is a toy car that claims to be the smallest solar car in the world.
  • SOLAR POWER: The solar toy car illustrates how light energy from the sun can be transformed into electrical energy and show mechanical motion how a car is driven.
  • USEFUL TOY: The mini solar racer is a helpful toy to demonstrate both the abilities of solar power and the advancements in technology that allow a solar-powered car to be made to such a significantly small size.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This solar power toy is Made of premium materials, non-toxic, safe for kids to play with, easy to assemble.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: It makes kids learn science during playing, good for preschool education.


No Battery Required

Size: 33mm x 22mm x 14mm

Material: Plastic

Package Included: 1 pcs Mini Solar car 


1. Please allow 1-2 mm difference due to manual measurement.

2. Real color may slightly different from pictures due to the computer screen's resolution, brightness, contrast, etc.   

Solar Powered - No batteries required

The solar panel covers the entire roof and makes this baby fly

Excellent for demonstrating solar power in action

  • Fun, newness, interesting, cute, lovely
  • A great gift for your baby, your kids will like it very much
  • To inspire your baby's brain vitality
  • No Battery Required
  • Power by Solar energy and the Car can run.
  • Amazing Toys for Children and Teach them to save our earth using Green Power.
  • Not only just makes Children happy and have fun, but also let them learn more about solar power.

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